Mission & Vision

SUSHINVEST SPRL brings a fresh, flexible and dynamic approach to Corporate & Managerial Finance support.

The Mission
Helping companies bridge the gap between finance and strategy, by providing consulting services in corporate finance and international business development, including business plan development, corporate financial planning and strategy formulation.

The Vision
Set a new standard in freelance Corporate Finance support and revise the way external business and financial analysis is provided to companies in order to help them react and adapt to the globalised and dynamic environment.


Articles récents

Growing uncertainty and need for clear strategy

The current economic and financial environment is fairly uncertain, to say the least.

Words like « crisis », “debt” or “strained economy” are becoming a daily read and confidence sentiment in Europe is still trailing compared to other regions of the world – especially Asia – though slightly improving (1).

In these times, companies are struggling to maintain their levels of sales while also working on how to keep costs at bay and improve productivity.

In working on their financials, SUSHINVEST SPRL aims at providing Corporate & Managerial Finance consulting services to companies, mainly in these 3 areas:

–       Project analysis: profitability and investment analysis, cost-cutting study, business & financial planning, cash-flow management.

–       International business development: analysis of opportunities to expand abroad through detailed competition and market potential research, feasibility and profitability checks and business planning.

–       Reporting: audit and suggestions of improvements to accelerate and simplify the flow of information so as to quickly react to changing conditions.

Based on a highly flexible and proactive approach, Sush’Invest wishes to help companies in clearly defining their strategy and looking for opportunities to invest in project that will add shareholders value and give them a competitive hedge.

(1) In February, the Economic Sentiment Indicator (ESI) rose for the second month in a row in both the EU and the euro area. http://ec.europa.eu/economy_finance/db_indicators/surveys/index_en.htm